Time: 3min04 / With Nathalie Derome and Steeve Dumais / Recording: May 2014 / Filming and editing: msfts productions, Jules de Niverville. / Full-lenght Video: Please contact us: info@desmotsdladynamite.com

Where I live

For 18 months of age and older

Téqui (“Who-Are-You”) and Téoù (“Where-Are-You”) fold and refold paper and cardboard, play with sound and lights to create small scenes in a delightful ritual to help them understand each other and explore the boundaries and pathways from the Self to the Other.

Téqui likes the earth and what grows in it; Téoù prefers space and what floats in it; and as they play their games, their feet become cars, their heads becomes houses, their arms pathways, and their voices cities.

Là où j’habite (“Where I live”) explores “the state of inhabiting”: inhabiting one’s body, one’s house, one’s village and one’s planet. In an easy and simple manner, the young audience members are invited to consider these big questions with us.

Là où j’habite / Where I Live is available for programming. If you are interested in our shows for booking, please contact us!

Creators and cast: Nathalie Derome and Steeve Dumais. / Creative team: Lucie Bazzo, Colette Drouin, Louis Hudon, Martin Tétreault and Catherine Tousignant. / Technical director: Normand Vincent.