From show: Des mots d’la dynamite, presented at Théâtre La Chapelle, December 8, 1996. Captation video: Danielle Lecourtois.

Des mots d’la dynamite, théâtre en forme de femme


In the search for common sense, folklore travels through us, along with a bunch of tangled ideas, and to each his own! Full of humour, this chameleon of a show, reminiscent of a cabaret, invites public participation and explores different genres, from stand-up comedy to classical theatre.

Nathalie Derome takes pleasure in tearing clichés apart. She casually denounces the state of the female condition and the ready-made images that increasingly contaminate our daily lives. On a canvas of broken lines, like that of television, she invites us to the grandest of spring cleanings.

A show sung, performed, chattered live by/with Nathalie Derome, accompanied on drums by Drae Rival / Costumes, make-up: Claudie Gagnon / Screen, stage design: Tanya Morand / Sound: Nancy Tobin / Lighting: Lucie Bazzo / Technical and tour director: Louis Comeau