From Les temps qui courent, vingt ans de paroles tenues show. April 2008. Nathalie Derome, Jean Derome et Frank Martel.

Les Temps qui courent


In this show, Nathalie Derome weaves a new story with material from the last two decades.

This retrofestive show offers a sensitive and humorous foray into the evolution of a woman born through and from three revolutions. Nathalie Derome welcomes us onto her personal playground fraught with poetry, the urgency of telling, songs, anecdotes, quotes of the day, and universal questions.

This rich array is wrapped in the musical audacities of Jean Derome on piano, saxophone, flute, and small objects; of Frank Martel on theremin, rhythm machine, and ukulele; and of Martin Tétreault on altered turntable and “uncomplicated electronics.” The members of this quartet, who have been collaborators for more than 25 years, share a tangible artistic bond.

Original idea, text, song, voice: Nathalie Derome / Musical direction, piano, saxophone, flute bass, small instruments: Jean Derome / Theremin, ukulele, rhythm machine: Frank Martel / Turntables, electronic instruments: Martin Tétreault / Artistic consultant: Monique Gosselin / Lighting design, stage management: Louis-Pierre Trépanier / Sound: Simon Bélanger / Costume consultant: Danielle Lecourtois


The book-and-CD set, Les temps qui courent, vingt ans de paroles tenues is published by Planète rebelle. It is also available through the company: 514.528.7070 /