La p’tite Tombola


A benefit event for the company, La P’tite Tombola brings together 40 artists with a variety of practices: poetry, dance, theatre, song, music, sculpture, painting, comic strips, photography, who present an "unsettling" side of their artistic expression. Mini-shows, entertainment, games of skill, face painting sessions, crazy ring-making, puppet theatre for kids, so many activities, even an authentic tarot card reader slipped in, a Polaroïd man, a customised composer, a poetry reader in a cone, a seller of songs, etc. The event gives the public a chance to become familiar with the company's unique approach, all while discovering the contemporary art practices of a significant number of Montreal artists. The day always ends with an explosive and surrealistic fashion show. A tropical version was presented in Holguin, Cuba, in collaboration with Solidarte, in 2000.