Les Écoutilles, cabaret de fortune


The Hatches, fortune cabaret

With animated projections, candid conversations and realistic songs, The Hatches, fortune cabaret, playfully and metaphorically explores the relationship we have with our own body and with the social body. The show contains several songs, which denounce the numbing of our conscience. Nathalie Derome and her team of seasoned artists deconstruct the social and political animal that we are: the Homo sapiens citizen.

Original idea and text: Nathalie Derome / Music: Nathalie Derome et Olivier Tardif, with Nicolas Letarte and François Bernier’s collaboration / Actors: Peter James and Danielle Lecourtois / Artistic collaborators: Danielle Lecourtois, Louis-Pierre Trépanier, Yvon Proulx, Yves Champagne / Technical and sound management: Sébastien Mercier / Lighting control: Alexandra Langlois