From/with Nathalie Derome.

Le retour du refoulé (théâtre perforé)


At times touched by the vastness of the world, at times horrified by its eclectic nature, a woman puts her most intimate thoughts in order. This leads her from the tragic to the burlesque, from naive commentary to philosophical reflection. With what remains of her body, hope, desire, and joy, she decides to continue living. A motor-mouthed solo accompanied by two musicians. 

By/With: Nathalie Derome / Music, original version: Richard Fortier and François Martel / Music, second version: Luc Bonin and Frank Martel / Costumes: Gigi Perron / Stage design: Jean Dufresne / Sound: Nancy Tobin / Films: Louise Bourque, Danielle Hébert and Élaine Tremblay / Artistic consultant: Richard Fortier