Le voyage de Pénélope


Penelope's Voyage

An experiment in perception of time and feminine space. In one show, Le Voyage de Pénélope juxtaposes the Greek legend of Penelope, a family anecdote from the twenties and elements of Navajo culture. Supple images, impressions of travel, scenes blurring the boundary between dance and theatre, all entangle like the threads of an expressionistic tapestry.

By/With: Marie-Stéphane Ledoux, Danielle Lecourtois, Myriam Vignola et Nathalie Derome / Sound: Nancy Tobin / Music: Claude Lamothe / Costumes: Georges Lévesque / Scenography: Gigi Perron / Vidéo: Michel Giroux

A La peau des dents G.C.E. Mia Maure Danse coproduction.