S’allumer contre le vent, poèmes sur pattes


Lighting oneself upwind, poems on legs

Rhythms in the voice, jerks and gestures. Two apprentice witches meet and rub up against Frank Martel's poetic universe. One of them tells stories while the other accompanies her sonically with a whole set of invented instruments. In an organic and peaceful whirlwind, the poem stands up from the page like a spider web between two branches. Together they explore this fine and robust, complex and simple ... natural architecture. As such the poem becomes the playing material. Magicians that they are, they catch fire in vain, in this openhearted writing.

With: Nathalie Derome et Maryse Poulin / Texts: Frank Martel / Stage design: Gigi Perron / Lighting: Chistian Fontaine / Outer Eye: Alain Francoeur

Mask for best sound design awarded by the Académie québécoise du théâtre.